Strategic Navigation for established companies & new ventures

Astrolabe Partners assists clients through the planning, development and execution of key strategic and tactical initiatives.

INNOVATE: discover | evaluate

How can you commercialize a new technology? What are the best options for entering new markets? How else can you monetize existing assets and capabilities?

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DEVELOP: define | test | refine

What market segments should you pursue? What functionality and offering package is needed to “win”? What go-to-market strategies should you employ?

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EXECUTE: optimize | manage

What are the right goals for pilot and expansion phases? What key assumptions and metrics are most important? What organizational resources are critical to success?

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INNOVATE: discover | evaluate


to introduce something new or do something in a new way; to make changes in something established, especially by inventing or beginning to apply new methods, ideas, or products.

begin, bring forward, establish, found, initiate, invent, institute, introduce, launch, pioneer, plan, set up, usher in

Innovation starts with the ability to discover and evaluate new product and market opportunities.
We can help through advisory, consulting and hands-on management roles:


- identify and explore new product and commercialization opportunities
- uncover and explore applications for new & existing technologies
- find new ways to leverage existing IP and expertise
- evaluate IP and other potential sources of competitive advantage


- evaluate new market opportunities for existing products & technology
- assess the relative attractiveness of applications and market segments
- examine sources of competition and other potential barriers to entry
- prioritize markets based on size, competition, cost, risks and feasibility



DEVELOP: define | test | refine

di-‘vel-əp, dē-

to cause something to become more advanced; to produce by deliberate effort over time; to make suitable for commercial purposes; to go through a process of growth, differentiation, or evolution by successive changes

actualize, advance, build up, commercialize, evolve, improve, materialize, perfect, progress, realize, refine
Developing a successful new product or entering new markets require clearly defined objectives, careful testing of hypotheses and careful refinement.
We can help through advisory, consulting and hands-on management roles:


- define your MVPs (minimum viable products) and key success factors
- articulate your key hypotheses and identify areas of greatest uncertainty
- develop a clear product specification and timetable
- identify challenges related to sales channels and customer adoption

test & refine

- get feedback: the offering, customer motivation and the buying process
- develop a uniquely compelling and competitive positioning platform
- develop sound business models and channel strategies for each market
- distill key learning to improve business plans and resource requirements



EXECUTE: optimize | manage


to carry out fully or accomplish; to put completely into effect; to do what is required; to produce or perform in accordance with a plan or design; to perform properly or skillfully.

accomplish, achieve, apply, bring about, complete, consummate, deliver, effectuate, finish, fulfill, implement
It all comes down to execution – putting plans into action, learning from your customers, and responding accordingly.
We can help through advisory, consulting and hands-on management roles:


- get in-market sales experience to help design the right organization
- develop and refine your go-to-market strategy and sales process
- refine your product’s key selling points and your brand positioning
- validate and articulate clear marketing and channel strategies


- set clear plans and goals for beta testing, pilots and market expansion
- add interim team members for flexible bench strength
- manage complex projects with smaller headcount
- cultivate channel and partner relationships