Stratgic Navigation - Services & Capabilities

Leveraging in-depth experience with a wide range of startups, new ventures and new product initiatives, Astrolabe Partners assists clients through the PLANNING, DEVELOPMENT and EXECUTION of key strategic and tactical activities. These include:
  STRATEGY Development
Strategy Development
  • Market & competitive research
  • Strategy development
  • Market planning & tactics
  PRODUCT Development
Product Development
  • Requirements analysis
  • Product management
  • Project management
  MARKET Development
Market Development
  • Channel strategy
  • Partnerships
  • Business development
  VENTURE Development
Venture Development
  • Business planning
  • Venture funding
  • Organizational development
Astrolabe Partners can provide services on a project basis, operate as a resource in an advisory role, or fill in on an interim basis as a part of your company's team.
Interim Management
  • Interim CXO
  • Project manager
  • Startup team member
For more information on specific roles and assignments, please take a look at some of our past work experience. Below and to the right, you can view of some of the key activities within each service area at the Planning, Development and Execution stages.